he firm was set up in 1951 in order to manufacture air-powered tools such as drills, grinders, etc, mainly intended for use in heavy metalwork industries.

   In 1957 NEUMAC began to produce pneumatic concrete vibrators and made contact with PTC, a French firm specialising in vibration, with which it developed a close collaboration over a period of 10 years.

   Since 1968, NEUMAC has continued to develop new vibrator models with its own technology, and now has a wide and well known range of products for the building and prefabricated concrete industries.

   The production of the pneumatic tools has tended gradually to concentrate on some less competitive models, such as pumps, air motors and other made-to-order pneumatic equipment. However, NEUMAC still plays an important part in the home market for air tools as, since in 1972, it distributes in Spain many tools, mainly impact wrenches, produced by the Japanese firm NPK.

  At the same time as a continuation of some former air-powered fans, a line of axial ventilators for tunnels and mines was developed in co-operation with another specialised spanish firm. For over 20 years these axial fans were widely used in the most important spanish mines and on many tunnel-building sites. This line of ventilators was gradually abandoned after 1990 due to the new orientation of the marketing partner and the decrease of the underground mining activity in Spain.

   NEUMAC also sells other imported products in Spain, representing several foreign firms, specially in the compressed air, concrete vibration and soil compaction fields: AMMANN and RAMMAX compactors, AMMANN-YANMAR mini-excavators, VIMARC and BIANCHI-EUROVIBRA external vibrators, and ROCKAIR light pneumatic hammer-drills together with GUILLET drill bits.

   NEUMAC, S.A. is a family owned company with a share capital of 420.700 €, assets valued over 1,2 Million € and 30 employees. Since 1972 the firm is located in the Malpica Industrial Estate in Zaragoza, on approximately 6.700 m² of land, of which 3.000 m² are covered by the NEUMAC building. Production facilities include machine-tooling, assembling, sheet welding and cutting, repair and testing sections, together with the technical and administration management.