Fully submersible pumps, for many drainage or dewatering jobs on building sites.

   Will suffer no damage when working dry or totally submerged. Light and compact housing made of strong aluminium alloy.

   Easily handled by one man.

   Require very little maintenance, which consists mainly of periodic oiling and cleaning.

BN-30 BN-60
Working pressure  6-7 kg/cm² 6-7 kg/cm²
Air consumption   3,2 m³/min. 3,2 m³/min.
Weight  13,5 kg. 13 kg.
A Air inlet thread  3/4" 3/4"
B Discharge thread  2 1/2" 1 1/2"
C Air exhaust thread  1 1/2" 1 1/2"
D Max. width  270 mm. 230 mm.
h Min. working depth  80 mm. 80 mm.
H Max. height   375 mm. 375 mm.